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Prestige security is a leading Southern California based security guard services company. We provide professional Unarmed and Armed security guard and security patrol units to large and small commercial, industrial and residential clients. Your security is our obligation!


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5721 W Slauson Ave., #120
Culver City, CA 90230

Phone: (310) 670-5999
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Shopping Centers

Shopping centers demand security officers with different types of skills – from escorting employees and shoppers to assisting with lost items. There is also the delicate nature of a lost child. Our security...


Prestige Security Service understands the importance of creating an environment that keeps hotel staff and guests feeling safe, comfortable and at ease. The largest issue that most hotels face is how to secure a staff members...

Residential Properties

Prestige Security thrives in providing the highest quality security personal for all types of residential property’s we provide security for gated communities, Homeowners Associations, courtesy patrol, and bike...

Office Buildings

Prestige Security Service understands the importance of highly qualified personnel to be able to deal with the public. We understand that high rise buildings consist of many different types of professional and corporate tenants that...

Retail Security

Prestige Security Service is well aware that retail stores are facing increasing need for exceptional security personnel. Thieves commonly get away with stolen merchandise and exit the store undetected...


Prestige Security Service understands the nature of bank security. Bank security is a concern for everyone involved. We provide both armed and unarmed Security Officers. Prestige Security has an array of fully trained security personnel...